Should You Be Advertising On YouTube?

Andy Harrington has recently asked me to come and speak at an upcoming event for aspiring speakers about advertising on YouTube. As part of the promotion, he asked me a few questions on a webinar about why YouTube has become essential for serious business owners.

I have taken the audio snippet and uploaded it here as I think there are some unique insights here that help to explain why YouTube is an area that can be used to drive new customers and sales.

Have a listen: DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE

Let me know what you think… Anything else to add?

TUBETALK – Tips For Instream Ads

I was recently invited by Dane Golden and Matt Ballek at ReelSEO to come and speak about YouTube advertising and in particular Trueview Instream Advertising on their show TubeTalk. See more here: It was great catching up with them and if you want to have a listen, watch the video below:


Definitely listen to the tips and info Dane and Matt provide as they are true experts in their fields and then I start up at around 13 minutes. Having helped many international clients succeed with YouTube advertising, developing over 300 client campaigns across a whole host of different industries, I start by covering what every business owner ought to know about YouTube ads and then share some of the info that I have learnt over the last 7 years. And the info I share by the way, is the same stuff I shared with Gideon Shalwick and he increased his pre roll ad Click Through Rates by 446%.

TIP 1 – Get in your pre roll ads

Try and appear in your ads (or have a presenter) rather than use animated or ‘doodle’ hand drawn videos.

This is based on experience from many campaigns but with my campaign to drive webinar registrations, I compared a video of me in the studio versus an animated video. With the video of me compared to a hand-drawn video, I got a 64% increase in clicks from impressions, 132% increase in website conversions & cut costs per conversion down by 76% – from $7.13 to $1.72.

Don’t get me wrong, animation still works, but it’s definitely worth being in the video if you can.

TIP 2 – A pre roll ad is not one pitch, it’s 2.

You pay when someone watches past 30 seconds so think of your video as 2 pitches – 1 pre 30 seconds pitch and then have a another pitch after the 30 second mark. If you do this right, you’ll get people clicking to your website before 30 seconds and it’ll won’t cost you a penny!

TIP 3 – Best Campaigns

Focus on zeroing in on the right person at the right time with the right advert. That will really help you succeed and deliver on your KPIs.